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The misleading publication by the Chronicle is a criminal offence however we have no law and order in the North East proven in the video known around the world as Anton Carpena v CPS Who Dares Wins this malicious publication is far from accurate no trail took place it couldn't there was no witnesses or jury the Publication is  vital evidence that goes to show that in the North East there is a serious issue with passing false information and i have tried to correct by my YouTube clip Man subjected to Torture by Two Social Workers in Newcastle 

High corruption in North East coming from the Home Office maybe you have saw my clip Anton Carpena v Theresa May  

Human Rights

This is a collection of my evidence which i have made in to you tube clips which are letters or video recordings or sound recordings from the devices i use to gather evidence in which i use covert devices and this is well known to the Authorities so if i say something you can bet i can prove it and thats why Anton Carpena v CPS never had a trial as i had the evidence that reveals attempted murder Anton Carpena 

Videos have been restricted due to unlawfully prosecution in which I am being punished for a crime when I was the victim an order prevent me from uploading videos or evidence online because they know I have plenty