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The Article the Chronical published to have a psychological affect in an attempt to cause my death and as you can see the original date has disappeared 17 May 2011 to cover up that article has been online five years it stated Man has I say which man and prove it because they can not and they would not remove it although your supposed to publish the outcome I did not have a trial because there was no jurry no witnesses, no prosecution case as the CPS withdrew from a case that was an act of torture but Chronicle published lies to sell at a profit using my name to sell a paper that I know you can't trust publishing lies  that contains no factual information makes false refferences  to what I am supposed to have done which is misleading he could have said may have but this man has what man where did this happen most of all where is the proof I can prove that we had conversations about the Protection of Children and how social workers failed to protect how I was a victim of torture driven to seven assisted suicide this is what this article is about it was intended to cause my death using psychologically 

Videos have been restricted due to unlawfully prosecution in which I am being punished for a crime when I was the victim an order prevent me from uploading videos or evidence online because they know I have plenty