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Anton Carpena Statement of Truth 


i a man Anton carpena claim herein be true I will verify be true in open court.


i a disabled man, who as a vulnerable adult became a victim of torture who is a victim of serious knife crime left disfigured for life losing half my ear, a 4" and 6" knife wounds, after taking a heavy blow to the back of my head from a bottle thrown from ten meters away upon impact i went unconscious i am of the belief that i sustained a head injury this is not on my medical records so there is a problem with information sharing  and I have been left to neglect as a disabled man being subjected to psychological torture and pharmaseutical torture all because I tried to protect a child that all local authorities failed to protect resulting in seven assisted suicide attempts and one attempted murder I have been refused any form of help since 2009 including medical help 



As a vulnerable adult who reported a child to be at risk to Northumbria Police who failed in the duty to protect a child and to cover up serious failings, I was being subjected to psychological abuse by police which resulted in seven assisted suicides

After an assisted suicide I was put in emergency accommodation where I was neglected in Social Care as a vulnerable adult after an assisted suicide and in the duty to protect a child, also failed to protect a child, I was then put at risk where I became the victim of serious knife attack in which I took a heavy blow to the back of the head upon impact I went unconscious before being left disfigured for life losing half of my ear in my attempts to try and protect a child

Police told hospital staff that I was hit on top of the head with bottle which was incorrect also that I was taken to hospital in a police car when I was taken to hospital by ambulance, I remember sitting inside the ambulance when my passenger came to the door informing me that two girls had asked for my keys and that was the last I could remember

With the police passing false information to hospital staff this mislead hospital staff and due to medical malpractice and neglect I was released from hospital when I should have been kept in over night with me sustaining a head injury however I was released from hospital

I a victim of crime disfigured for life I was neglected by local authorities who had failed to protect a child as a vulnerable adult being I was subjected to psychological abuse I had contacted the Equality Human Rights Commission (EHRC) who responded to my email in Oct 2010 stating that with the police subjecting me to psychological abuse, the police may have violated Article 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998 which states that No one shall be subjected to Torture or to Cruel, Inhuman, Punishment or Treatment

At the time I was not aware due to a head injury that assisted suicide is a violation of Human Rights Act 1998 Article 2 Right to life which places a duty on public authorities to protect the lives of vulnerable adults who may try to take there own life

So public authorities Northumbria Police, Newcastle City Council and Social Services, Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, North Tyneside Council and Social Services and CPS North East had all failed to safeguard me as a vulnerable adult and violated Human Rights Act 1998 Article 2 The Right To Life and Article 3 Torture 

The CPS must apply its obligations to the ECHR and HRA at each stage of a case, failing to do so would be unlawful. With violations of Human Rights violations of the Human Rights Act 1998 in Article 2 Right to Life, Article 3 Prohibition of Torture, Article 5 Liberty and Security, Article 7 No punishment without Law, Article 8 Right to Respect in Private Life, Article 10 Freedom of Expression, Article 14, and Article 16 the CPS must have knowin they were acting unlawfully in there official capasity inflicted mental suffering in there official roll resulting in all prosecutions since 2009 unlawful prosecutions with breaches of PACE went on to abuse the justice system by a use of legal process to defraud me out of 28,000,000 in a case that has been saw around the world as Anton Carpena v CPS Who Dares Wins which can be found if you google Anton Carpena v CPS































Videos have been restricted due to unlawfully prosecution in which I am being punished for a crime when I was the victim an order prevent me from uploading videos or evidence online because they know I have plenty